It's a long story but for the past year and a half, some dickheads on Quotev have been targeting me, saying that my attitude both in and out of Role-play is terrible and I hurt people. they've been hurting my friends all that time and even treaten to hack / delete us all... But the Jesse went and said this:

Shinriru and The Fallen One  Hahahaha you amuse me boy. I will be there, do not worry. And when I am there, it will be a fight, whether you want to hit baack or not it doesn't matter. I am going to fucking drop you. Then I will bring my friends and they can drop your 'friends' as you call them. They do not love you, you dumb cunt, you are blinded by your own ego. You do not know what a friend is. Yes, 12 users, and not all to me you stupid fuck, 4 reported to Christie, 2 reported to me, 1 reported to Angel, and 5 reported to the Puppeteer, that was enough evidence that you are an absolute cunt. I never lie, unlike you, you are full of yourself, all you do is fucking talk and talk about yourself, and you wonder why you have no real friends, you wonder why you are hated by many here, you wonder why so many people talk behind you back. Maria has done it, Angelina has done it, fucking shit loads of people have done it to you. My friends are trusting, they never talk behind my back like scum such as yourself. There are no loopholes in this s1 hour ago  Report Delete[1]Shinriru and The Fallen One  *There are no loopholes in this story, no one likes loopholes, I also don't trick, that isn't my forte, it is Angels. But you are too fucking stupid to see that, aren't you? I will also say what I please about you because you are a fucking bitch.1 hour ago[2]Zack-The Undead Soldier-Skye  You know Jesse, go jumpo off a fucking bridge you egotistic fucking asshole, come here right now so I can fucking twat you