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Hey, the name is Joshua Hill. I prefer Josh or Zack though. I'm an unpublished author of A New Reality, Zack is the main character in that book and my most amazing creation ever, I probably talk about him and make him sound over-powered but that's just what he is to me xD. I'm 20 so far, born August 18th 1992. Being a published author is my dream and I'm inches away from achieving it, I know people might not like my books, but those who do matter to me, when I first let people read it and heard the great comments I was getting it actually brought tears to my eyesd. I love writing.

My sister was the person who got me into CreepyPastas by telling me and Jeff and BEN, telling my about MrCreepyPasta and such. I started watching the videos, reading some and I got hooked. I often wonder what it would be like to meet someone like Jeff, Eyeless Jack or Slenderman... I'm a strange person xD.

If you have any questions just ask :)

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