Hi there, I just started narrating on youtube and have been seeking permission from my favorite authors to narrate their stories. I really enjoyed the story I Met God Today it's one of my favorite on here and was wondering if anyone knew who the author was or how I could possibly obtain permission to read it?

Also I wanted to advertise my channel for a bit and was wondering if any of the fabulous authors on here would be willing to give me permission to read any of their stories? Just comment down below if you are OK with it to let me know. I give full credit with links on every story. Some authors I especially want to narrate for include @User:EmpyrealInvective @User:HumboldtLycanthrope @User:Banningk1979 @User:Doom Vroom @User:Whitix as I have greatly enjoyed your stories. 

But yeah do lmk if you know anything about that god pasta please ty


I've been able to narrate the story! I think it's credited correctly with the help of the comments down here. Hopefully I did this mysterious story justice. Enjoy the video if you have time

I Met God Today Creepypasta 1

I Met God Today Creepypasta 1