So yeah I have been planing a creepypasta that would have an pyromaniac (the pyromaniac is a female deal with it) as a murderer.

The story would tell about a girl named Valeria who lives in rose valley (it's in canada like btw) and strange little things start happening. She would be the pyromaniacs first victim so before that no one would even suspect a thing about the threat in rose valley. At first the pyromaniac wouls stalk the girl for some time becouse she need's to find out about Valerias hobbits and stuff I mean like you gotta know who you kill right? 

Well I don't know if this is a good idea for a creepypasta but I guess I'll just take my time and think about the story and ways to make it more creepy.

If you think this would be a good idea then thanks if you don't think it is then that's okay too u - u

Also if you think I should write it then please leave a comment and if you have any ideas for the story then I'd be happy to hear them.