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The pest that may or may not be

Hi there. You might know me from the chat. If you do, I've got a question.

In the course of the past, I don't know, perhaps two or three months (or longer, or maybe shorter, if either are applicable in your case should you have one), have I been irritating you? Annoying you? Getting on your nerves? Pissing you off? Making a pretentious weirdo of myself? Making it all too clear that I'm no different from everyone else despite the fact that I don't want to be?

Just thought I'd ask that. If you want to troll (be it, for example, that you don't know me as a user here or anything but still feel like putting "You're a pain in the ass, you suck in every way, get off of here" and such for giggles), that's fine. In fact, I probably deserve it for posting a blog post like this, a blog post that will most likely either result in regret on my part, or a ban.

Obviously, though, honest responses from those who have observed me, interacted with me or whatever on chat is what would be appreciated here. Thank you~

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