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    Hi there. You might know me from the chat. If you do, I've got a question.

    In the course of the past, I don't know, perhaps two or three months (or longer, or maybe shorter, if either are applicable in your case should you have one), have I been irritating you? Annoying you? Getting on your nerves? Pissing you off? Making a pretentious weirdo of myself? Making it all too clear that I'm no different from everyone else despite the fact that I don't want to be?

    Just thought I'd ask that. If you want to troll (be it, for example, that you don't know me as a user here or anything but still feel like putting "You're a pain in the ass, you suck in every way, get off of here" and such for giggles), that's fine. In fact, I probably deserve it for pos…

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  • Factionnaire

    Ah, this bandwagon, and quite late, for that matter.

    I had actually considered this much earlier but had decided against it for the time, as it's not the type of thing I'd typically like to post. At this point, however, I admit that it would be interesting to know some honest opinions, from any with whom acquaintances have been formed, or from those with whom paths have been crossed, even quite briefly. Thank you.

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