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    Here everyone!  We had some people reach out to us about posting some stories and we are super excited to be in contact with them.  And of course, we encourage anyone else to message us!

    We also posted one of our own works in progress over on the workshop board.  We'd love if anyone would check it out and give us some feedback.  Really appreciate it!


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  • FablerStories

    Hello everyone!

    We are Fabler are looking for those aspiring myth tellers, legend writers, and scary story creators!  Here at Fabler, we are empowering aspiring authors with original narration, music, and other content for the stories we love.  If you are at all interested in hearing some of our tales, sharing your story, or even sending a story to become a Fabler, we would love to see you with us by the campfire.

    FablerStories (talk) 19:31, December 2, 2015 (UTC)

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