This happened back in 2010 so please bear with me. I had a dream that I was standing in my grandparents house, just walking around around. It was still night and all the furniture was where it would have been. My grandpa was there with me and He left the room to get coffee when I suddenly hear aloud crash. He had dropped his coffee cup and was clutching his chest. Thats when I woke up, I immediatly called my grandma but hung up after seeing it was 3 in the morning. As I was trying to get back to bed my mom recieved a phone call. When I asked what was going on due to the sound of concern, she told me that my grandpa is on his way to the hospital. He had a Heart attack.

Another dream that came true was for a week I had the same dream. I was floating in an abyss of sorts staring at a light on the surface. I would always wake up gasping for air. Well One night I was getting ready to go to a friends house and certain things were sticking out more than usual. My brand new three days grace CD refused to play the song "Drown", I kept getting an erie feeling at seeing a dvd case for "Preminition" and just other various signs that I foolishly ignored. Well My friend and I went for a walk that night. It was a hot summer night so when we came to a river I didn't think twice about going for a swim. My friend who wasn't a very good swimmer stayed on shore. I hopped in the water and swam to a little dune/island but while swimming back It felt like something grabbed my foot and I foolishly stopped swimming and was pulled under. I struggled for my life and after I finally gave up and ready to accept my fate I looked up at the waters surface. The moon's reflection was the light I had been seeing as I floated into the abyss. I suddenly felt no stinging in my lungs, No pain but peace. I can remember me saying "Please I'm not ready to die. I have two little siblings. I can't let my friend watch me die. please" Then all at once the pain returned and I broke through the waters surface. My friend had managed to attract the attention of near by fisherman. They got my ashore and I laid there on the rocks gasping for air. This was back in 2008. I never had my drowning dream after that.

I apologize for any spelling errors I have made. But Am I the only one whose had this sort of experience?