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Guten Tag, Pastamakers!

It's me, you're friendly neighborhood web-nerd. Odds are, like, 3 people will read this...but I still wanted to share a little about myself.

I have a very powerful imagination, and I can come up with stories and ideas with "creativity and potential". Supposedly I can take an already-created idea, and make it better. And my original ideas can be "awesome".

I don't mean to come off as arrogant. I don't see myself as the greatest story writer ever, on the contrary.

I come up with ideas out the kazoo, every day I'll see something or think of something and go, I gotta right this down! I'm proud of my ideas.

I'm also a brony/hipster/anime lover/aspiring director/gamer/ as well as a casual writer. Yeah...I'm a clusterf*ck of social awkwardness...

But, anyway, I plan on posting some Creepypastas, some photos, and other junk. I hope you like it

See ya!

P.S.: There may be large time gaps between Pastas...when I write or spin-off a story, I usually and take awhile to think and develop some just be a little patient with me.

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