1st: (yaey) Hello, there peoples. My name is Extreme swag. And im making a blog :D

Wait, why am i making it? I dunno. Anyways, i will upload stuff. But i wont upload much creepypastas because, they always get deleted :/

Now go away >:( this is my blog!!!

2nd: (the way i call a new blog title)

Now, its a day when i edit this blog. I been home alone playing COD AW and trying to get internet connection to play Multiplayer on COD MW2, but we got a new internet (its confusing to change the internet, the ip adress blah blah). Nothing special happened on this day. Maybe something will?

3rd: (what about calling this 3th edit?)

Agian, editing this. Why do even i bother editing this? Im playing Strike Force Heroes 2, i took a shower. My life is interesting. But what to add here? Hmmh, what about watching noobs scream at a low resolution television? I dunno.

4th: (woop woop)

Im so angry :/. Im playing a game like Super Smash Bros, the enemy haves 2 allies (and i have none!). But anyways, why do i care about a game with too-way op AI? P.S. I ate Chocolate with oreo, and i left none for you-

5th: (hi there psy)

im back, and epic as ever. after tons of getting pwned in call of duty modern warfare 2 (not multiplayer) while playing the last level on Veteran, my work is finished :DDDDD. Anyways, i cannot add anything here. What about adding that im a pro 1v1 (not true) player that pwns a noob using a AK-47 with a sniper scope???

6th: (wow i feel good)

agian im back. i played Sonny cuz i am an awesome person. Its kinda awesome, and is this a game review? No. Its a blog, but the game, its- ITS AWESOME BETTER THAN JAPANESE ROLEPLAYING GAMES!!! okay kthanks i gotta go bye.

Wait dont dont dont, theres more! I didn't left any chocolate! Because i ate it! HAHAHAHA!

7th: (SEVEN! WOO!)

I didn't edit this for a while, i got nothing to say. If you got PS3 and need friend to play with, my name is Pgamerr5. I play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and i might start playing Driver San Francisco.

8th: (After a long time)

I totally forgot about this blog, and this account too, as now, big things are happening, i finished school with an A (5 in Croatia), but talking about big things, i am now in Germany, my parents got a job and i got tons of video games.