Extreme swag

aka Bart

  • I live in Germany
  • My occupation is gaming and Nerfing
  • I am a Dog
  • Extreme swag

    1st: (yaey) Hello, there peoples. My name is Extreme swag. And im making a blog :D

    Wait, why am i making it? I dunno. Anyways, i will upload stuff. But i wont upload much creepypastas because, they always get deleted :/

    Now go away >:( this is my blog!!!

    2nd: (the way i call a new blog title)

    Now, its a day when i edit this blog. I been home alone playing COD AW and trying to get internet connection to play Multiplayer on COD MW2, but we got a new internet (its confusing to change the internet, the ip adress blah blah). Nothing special happened on this day. Maybe something will?

    3rd: (what about calling this 3th edit?)

    Agian, editing this. Why do even i bother editing this? Im playing Strike Force Heroes 2, i took a shower. My life is interestin…

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