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Writing my first OC, I realized how bad I am at describing present-tense actions. I'm having a really hard time describing how my character's going to get in a car, let alone be led to someone's house without predicting where he's going.

But, I absolutely love describing items, the stories behind them, etc.

"My favorite bottle, of course, was the 1909 Fernet-Branca merlot that had been assaulted by seawater for years until some unscrupulous treasure-hunter apparently lifted it from the Titanic itself. I've always had my suspicions that the vendor had scrubbed a 1970s bottle with steel wool and rolled it in salt, but if anybody ever asked me, I swore the bottle was 100% authentic through and through."

Gawd, I hope that indents. I've been having such a pain with the indent button.

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