I don't mind if anyone decides for some reason they want to draw her. I don't mind harmless ships either, just don't piss off the fangirls. However I would like it if you keep yourselves from drawing her in anything pornographic, I doubt anybody would but still. Anyways if you would like to draw her, here's her info.

Hair color: pale blonde (or white if you want)

Hair length: her hair is down to her knees

Eye color: her eyes are blood red 

Skin color: a pale peachy type of color

Height: around '5, 6'

Weapon: a scalpel ( or her claws)

Body: she's underweight, but other than that her body is like an average girls, just with claws

Creepypasta clothes: she usually wears her old hospital gown from she was in the facility with her tracker around her ankle, and her collar

Name: her name is 1FB679 in the facility, but her murder name is Twitches.

Okay, I hope I see some fan art. She can wear whatever you want her to wear, just include her tracker and collar. Buhh-Baii =)