Chat Rules:  Oh no!

"Evra, well-known for disliking bronies has posted some chat rules completely prohibiting the discussion of anything pony-related!  Oh nooo!!"  

Okay, seriously, I'm not going to do anything like that.  I'm addressing a more serious serious issue.  

Although many of you haven't noticed, during morning/ noon hours on the weekdays, I enter chat.  I see the same exact thing.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Someone HAS to mention cloppers/ yiffers, and someone HAS to ask what they are, and then a very detailed discussion follows.  (If you ask what those words mean on my blog, I'm blocking you.)

  • From now on, the use of the word "clopper," "yiffer," or anything related will get you a no-warning kick, and then a one-day ban.  Users who ask what these words mean will be given a warning. (We're not Urbandictionary)
  • Use of the word "furry" is allowed, but frowned upon.  Asking what this word means will give you a warning.
  • Pony talk is allowed; however, if you're asked to stop talking about ponies/ bronies, do so immediately.  If pony talk inches towards a sexual direction, drop the topic immediately, as this always results in a flame war, which always leads to throwing around these newly forbidden words.
  • For those of you who insult/attack a brony/ bronies in general out of the blue/ for no reason.  You'll get a warning kick and a ban for being an ass.  This applies vice versa.

"But Evra... I like using the word 'clopper...' "

Too fucking bad.  Nothing good ever comes from using that word in chat.  

If your life depends on the discussion of these newly forbidden words, take your shit to PM.  No user wants to see these words in our chat.