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Childhood and Creepypastas

So after reading BEN, Squidward's Suicide, and the things on Lavender Town Syndrome or PokeMon Blue, I decided that these stories completely fucked my beautiful and awesome childhood, in a good way. Then I started looking around the wiki and found some more disappointing articles that turned the good fuck into a bad fuck, because everyone just has to take a good story and make it the way they want it!

Then I realised, there's one thing left over... Avatar: The Last Airbender. Oh, sweet mother of Jefferson Davis! I loved that show! I typed it into the search and didn't find a match. Yes! No results! I think I'll pray to almighty God, that nobody would dream of writing a pasta with that.

I think I've decided to myself that if one happens to pop up, I will officially resign from Creepypasta... Or not. But now that I've said this, I think I've put a jinx into effect. Would something like that ever happen?

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