Okay, so, I've decided not to do anything to fix my first pasta and just start over. That was my first incident, so I'll need a little bit of time and experience to grow a thick skin. I took a break, spent some time away, took photos (I do enjoy photography), swam in some REALLY COLD WATER, and just took a breather. I'm just the type of person who, after being unsuccessful, just likes to sign off for a few days, do a Clark Griswold flipout and get it all out of my system if I'm feeling particularly frustrated, pour myself some tea, watch a movie, and sleep on it. During my break, however, I was able to get some of my motivation back. I was even able to come up with a few ideas (and I hope they haven't been done to death already), which I will run by!

Idea #1: A reality warper story. I find reality warpers to be very interesting. It shows just how power tends to corrupt people. Tell me one thing: If you won the super power lottery, how would you be spending your winnings?

Idea #2: The protagonist moves into an apartment building where all of the residents are slowly disappearing and nobody (besides the protagonist) seems to notice. In my book, there's nothing quite like knowing that something wierd's going on and no one will believe you.

Idea #3: A crevice at the bottom of a lake where people go in, but never come back out. Anyone else who goes in to investigate never comes back. It raises the question of what could be in there, causing all of those people to go missing.

Idea #4: An audio file that leaves subliminal messages, telling people to do various things, ranging from just plain wierd to outright horrifying. Ever since I heard stories about some Beatles records being played backwards, I've felt intrigued to write a story about something like that.

Okay, those were my ideas. What do you think of them? Please let me know if a particular one sounds interesting.

Eureka Out!