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I'm Baaaaaaaaaack

Eureka2000 January 21, 2016 User blog:Eureka2000

Well, hello again. I've come back from the dead! It's been such a long time. So anyway, looking back at my last blogpost about a gazillion years ago, I can say that yes, there was something wrong with my laptop. It died. So I have a new one now. I like it. I also have a tablet now. I love it.

So anyway,I ended up quitting writing the pasta I was talking about. I just wasn't feeling it. I need a bit more experience with the whole horror genre (my premium brand is Sci-Fi.....maybe I can try and incorporate the two together). So for now, I'm content with just proofreading and editing the stuff that's on here. Well, anyway, have a good day and I'll talk to you later.

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