You guys I need somebody to actually showcase I've reached the end of my list and my backup list are all people I want to save for later.

Also, come on you guys!! I've never gotten a single request for a showcase writer! It's not like I binge on creepy pastas enough to discover new hot talent or anything, I need help with that. Not a lot of pastas coming out have left an impact big enough of me to just drop what I'm doing and read the rest of their work. 

So I need a second man's opinion, heck I've needed a second man's opinion since the start but now I really need a second man's opinion. So I've decided to leave it up to you...

Who is a writer you have a fondness for. Not necessarily a writer you think is GREAT but one who writes and you go "Hey they tried hard" or "Hey they captured something interesting" 

Leave me a link to one of their stories and their username in a comment down below and I'll choose the one that caught my eye the most.