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EtherBot March 15, 2015 User blog:EtherBot

Update on everything:

1) I have a Pasta titled "Witch Wood" under completion. Really excited about this one guys. I won't spoil anything but it's about a guy who steals a chess set. I can't put it on the site yet but trust me, it'll be awesome.

2)Pencil Sketch, a comic book I've been chipping away at, is DONE. 

3) I got a deal with my work place that has been taking up a lot of my time. So I won't be making any updates until June-Julyish

4) Here's a poem for good luck

Picture this.

A long sleet of wood, 

Enveloped in stone.

And light of a fire,

Slipping on through.

The glimmer of glitter,

Giggling from,

A long sleet of wood,

Enveloped in stone.

Picture this.