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EtherBot October 27, 2014 User blog:EtherBot

So recently Alot of stuff has happened in my life, So I apologize for not posting any of my latest pastas.

BUT NONE TO WORRY!! I STILL WROTE THEM? (Make of how to pronounce that as you will.)

Anyway, Some stuff that has happened I feel is worthy of note. AND SO I SHALL TELL THEM TO YOU!!!


_I finished writing a book. One of the first non-horror books I've written, And I plan to get it published as soon as I can finish revising the final draft.

_My sister Stephanie got home after a year and a half from her mission.



_I got muted for like, a month for 2 spam blog posts, (Though I will be the first to say that is exactly what they were.)

_My phone broke and it took almost 2 weeks to figure out what the heck had happened.


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