I messed up the name of this last time lol sorry about that if you saw it.

So I was thinking about poetry pastas and was curious about how a lot of people think most of them aren't very good (and they're probably justified by the pastas we have on the site) and I sort of realized that I think the concept of a poetry pasta is sort of fail(?)

Like for a regular pasta you can write out a draft upload it to WWS get feedback tweak it to perfection etc but a lot of poetry is written in one draft it's kinda hard to write "Drafts" of a poem. That's not really a thing... I mean when I write poetry I might go back and...say, change that line for a better one that flows more. But I wouldn't write a draft poem, write another similar draft poem etc. if I dislike the poem enough to change it drastically I just scrap to poem and try again from scratch to see if it works out right this second time.

It's...sort of like when you're listening to music and realize you weren't quite enjoying yourself enough so you restart the song and pay more attention. The second go around isn't so much a "second draft" as it is a second attempt to figure something out. At least for me, idk how it is for other Pasta Poets.

So the resources on this wiki aren't super useful for that kinda writing style and that kinda writing style directly results in bad regular pastas a lot of the time so I think it leads to a lot of crap poety pastas being uploaded. 

That was my two cents, I was thinking about it cuz I uploaded a poem to the writers workshop today, tell me what you think about the poetry thing.