UPDATE: Very much on topic, post glitched out and created a blank page before letting me write in it. So as I was writing in it, there was a blank page titled "A Quick Ode to Admins," which was obviously deleted. And hindsight-hilarity ensues because that must of seemed like a sick joke.

So here goes the unedited Quick Ode to Admins

Admins have it rough.

I can not BEGIN to imagine how many times they have to say "The plot was weak and half of the lines didn't make any sense" to newbies who just want justice for their deleted art.

But I mean for ALL of the rants I've seen posted, and for AAAAALLLLLLLL of the times those rants included the phrase "And Then Like two seconds later, BOOM. My pasta was deleted," most Admins still actually respond and give the reason why. Which MUST get annoying at one point.

And the whole "two seconds later, BOOM. My pasta was deleted" thing actually only shows the actual efficiency of these guys so...

Go you Admins.