ADVENTURE Atari 2600 TRIVIA A game studio named The Learning Company, which created such games as The Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Prince of Persia 3D, And others, was founded by Warren Robinett, And some educators he worked with.

Warren Robinett was the sole creator of Adventure.

The games instruction booklet has some interesting history as well.

-The game’s summary: “An evil magician has stolen the enchanted chalice and hidden it somewhere in the kingdom” was not thought up by Warren, instead, the writer of the manual: Steve Harding came up with it himself.

-The 3 dragons have names. The yellow dragon’s name is Yorgle. The green dragon’s name is Grundle And the red dragon’s name is Rhindle

-The Bat ALSO had a name: ‘Knubberrub’

But Steve didn’t put that in the manual.

The phrase ‘Easter Egg’ came from the manager of game’s software at the time refering to this game saying “It’s kinda cool, ya know? It’s like when you’re waking up on easter morning, and you go looking for easter eggs.” image

^This Thing, shows the entirety of the game. Including the fact that rooms will portal you to other rooms, that don’t always match up.

At one point, Steve Harding accidentally wrote “Yorkle” as opposed to “Yorgle” when referring to the yellow dragon. That accident wasn’t captured, and over 1 million copies of the game and the manual were sold. Inline image 1

The three dragons were often criticized for resembling ducks more than dragons. To which Warren agrees. Inline image 1 "Well, what can I say—the dragons do look like ducks. It was just a different era of game design. One person, the game programmer, had the idea, wrote the code, created the graphics, and created the sound effects. I guess I was a better programmer than artist, but hey, I kind of like those duck-dragons. " -Warren

The game is over 36 years old. image

This game got a sequel, released exclusively on Atari Flashback 4 and 5. image

This game has the world’s first ‘Easter Egg’ in a video game.

A small room behind a yellow barrier that has Warren’s signature. image