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    For the upcoming christmas special of Random Writer's Showcase I wanted to take a look at several stories written by different users, with the idea being that all the stories are christmas themed and take a look at how different writers go about making something, like, jovial into something spooky and scary. 

    There is no "holiday" or "christmas" tag so instead of simply looking up the word "christmas" on the search bar and rifling through dozens of story just to pick maybe 4-5 I thought I'd ask you guys first. Are there any good christmas creepypasta, if so which ones do you recommend? You're allowed to recommend your own as well as others.


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    Happy HALLOWEEN!!!

    October 31, 2017 by EtherBot

    Starts evil laughing but coughs up a spider

    How are you all planning to spend your annual spook-day today?

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    I've finally gotten around to watching the last episode of Channel Zero season 2 and now these are my thoughts now, on both this episode as well as the one between my last post and this new one.

    Yeah yeah spoilers don't get your sausage in a wrapper.

    Backpack guy dies, I predicted that. Thank you.

    As always, I can't stress how happy I am at predicting the role and backstory of DreamBoat down to even some smaller details, so I'm gonna mention this here too. To quote:

    "...I have my sights set on DreamBoat being some agent of the house and not a real person...I think he's gonna turn out to be somehow a threat and not a good guy....

    He's also the reason Margot even entered the house, bumping into her at a bar "coincidentally" and when asked how old …

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    ...and am therefore the antichrist??


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    Trick or treat! Welcome to an especially special, spookily spooky episode of the Random Writer's Showcase: Unrated Edition, a series where I find some users and read their things and then talk about them and their things and like, it's a swell time I swear, stick around.

    Today we'll be talking about MysticEve , who's profile page originally seems to indicate right off the bat that most of their stories are deleted which is a weird thing to make your profile's opening line, but whatever. Of the stories that weren't deleted, I'm pretty sure there are only two, so we'll be reading those ones. 

    MysticEve joined in 2016 and has since written two stories, which we'll be taking a look at now. Last time we showcased Jake888 and you can read that sho…

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