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aka Ethan REDACTED

  • I live in A Sleepy Northwest Neighborhood
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Being weird and confusing
  • I am a guy as far as you know
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    I messed up the name of this last time lol sorry about that if you saw it.

    So I was thinking about poetry pastas and was curious about how a lot of people think most of them aren't very good (and they're probably justified by the pastas we have on the site) and I sort of realized that I think the concept of a poetry pasta is sort of fail(?)

    Like for a regular pasta you can write out a draft upload it to WWS get feedback tweak it to perfection etc but a lot of poetry is written in one draft it's kinda hard to write "Drafts" of a poem. That's not really a thing... I mean when I write poetry I might go back and...say, change that line for a better one that flows more. But I wouldn't write a draft poem, write another similar draft po…

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    You guys I need somebody to actually showcase I've reached the end of my list and my backup list are all people I want to save for later.

    Also, come on you guys!! I've never gotten a single request for a showcase writer! It's not like I binge on creepy pastas enough to discover new hot talent or anything, I need help with that. Not a lot of pastas coming out have left an impact big enough of me to just drop what I'm doing and read the rest of their work. 

    So I need a second man's opinion, heck I've needed a second man's opinion since the start but now I really need a second man's opinion. So I've decided to leave it up to you...

    Who is a writer you have a fondness for. Not necessarily a writer you think is GREAT but one who writes and you go…

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    Creepy Comics to Read

    March 7, 2017 by EtherBot

    I wrote a showcase about emily carroll but here are wut I consider to be her highlights.

    I think if you read them in order I presented, you might notice some running similarities.

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    Its My Birthday

    March 3, 2017 by EtherBot



    sure is.

    Also Dr Seuss's b-day so that's a fun fact for you. Did you know that Dr Seuss wasn't actually a doctor? But eventually Dartmouth gave him an honorary doctorate because they thought it'd be funny so he technically does have a doctorate now? There you go ya learned a new thing today.

    Also his name rhymes with CHOICE not GOOSE.

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    Let's Talk Deletion!!!

    February 10, 2017 by EtherBot

    I think the way pastas are deleted is damaging to people's high spirits and is counter productive at creating a site of diverse horror stories.

    I always get afraid to say anything about it and I think other people do too because we all kinda associate that kind of opinion with ranty users who just joined the sight and got their first precious work of art deleted only to contest it after the fact in the form of a blog post saying "uuuuuuuh but it was preeeetty cool you guys I swear"

    But aside from that I really think the way this site handles deletion is really broken. It's weird to see things deleted for reasons like:

    "Twist is cliche and doesn't have enough story to make it effective"

    I didn't …

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