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September 24, 2014
  • I live in Probably New Americana
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Being weird and confusing
  • I am a guy as far as you know

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    I found this guy whose art is genuinely some of the best creepy shit I've seen on deviantart. Go check him out, he reminds me a lot of zdzislaw beksinski stuff.

    Another person who I'd like to point out is Cryptcrawler. This guy's art isn't as creepy but has some excellent use of color. 

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    Welcome, Bonjour, Espanol, and benvenuto to the Random Writers Showcase! *Canned cheering sound*

    Last time we showcased Abysmii, a pasta narrator and occasional writer. You can check out that showcase Here

    As a comment on his showcase, Abysmii wrote "I wrote these stories purely for fun and have no aspirations to be an author, but I'm glad someone enjoyed a story of mine other than Relief"

    Today we're going to drift away from Abysmii and his narration focused ambitions over to somebody purely interested in writing pastas. Somebody SO interested in writing pasta, in fact, that they haven't even updated their profile page, but still have four stories uploaded.

    "A person on the internet says" joined on November 18th, 2014. In that time they've wri…

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    Hello, good evening, merry christmas, happy surprise birthday! How are you today? How's the wife and kids? Is johnny getting in trouble at school still? That little rascal. Ha ha...he..

    Welcome to my second official Random (Well, quasi-random) Writers Showcase. My last one was of Emily Carroll, a horror artist and writer, you can read that post Here

    Today I'm writing about Abysmii. You can find his Wikia Profile Here.  Like last time, I'll be talking about a few of his stories and his general style. I won't be giving him a rating or anything, but you can generally assume that if somebody's on one of my posts than they're worth your time.

    Abysmii spends most of his efforts narrating other people's Pastas. He does a decent job narrating but he'…

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    You guys can do it! 

    I believe in you!!

    My attempt:

    That storm outside...but there it was. Under the broken window, bathed in it's glass.

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    There's a LOT (And I mean A LOT) to discuss in terms of Netflix's hit original series Stranger Things. I could talk about the excellent pacing and storytelling, the charming and well rounded characters, the concise tight writing, the perfectly done atmosphere, the masterful and inventive horror, any of these topics would make for a decent and fun analysis...

    But I won't write about any of those things, I'll be writing about ALL of those things. In the same scene. Probably the best scene in the entire season, and yet it's so unassuming. Be warned of spoilers, but there's only 8 episodes in the entire series and it's completely free so there are no excuses...


    So which scene am I talking about? I'm sure you all have your own favorites but th…

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