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    Greeting, fellow fellows, lass's, and everything in between! Welcome to the random writer's showcase lite, a series where I review several stories written by a certain selected creepy Creepypasta copy and paster person who pleases my Pasta appreciation places, (most prominently the Pasta appreciation place between my pants.) 

    Wow, that intro is terrible. The creepy Creepypasta copy and paster person I've selected today is "Doom Vroom" a user who I will refer to as "Vroom" from this point onwards because their profile page helpfully suggested I do so. They've also got a nifty logo with an omlauted o, which is notable for being pronounced exactly the same as it would be without the accented o, and I find that very enjoyable. They've been a wi…

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    Happy April everybody! Welcome to the Random Writer's Showcase! The thing were we..uh yeah.

    I was planning to do an april fools post where I showcase somebody really awful but then I then I really looked into the selection and decided he was pretty good. Not just good but perhaps the greatest creepypasta writer ever in the history of the world! So I postponed the showcase for this guy until after april fools so I could properly showcase him without any suspicion that I was talking out of my ass...

    Last time we showcased Cthulhu and you can read that showcase here .

    Ether Bot joined on March 2nd 1904 and since then has written 158 critically aclaimed creepypasta including Jeff The Killer, Slenderman, the Rake, and every single SCP Profile on t…

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    They're remaking Stephen King's It this year and that got me thinking about the original miniseries. I've heard a lot of people say it's not very scary but for me personally demon clowns are a good enough novelty to sell me in any context and I thought the story would have been engaging even if the clown wasn't scary so I think the classic one was a success. But what I ended up thinking about was less the scares and more the imagery, which I don't have a transition for but is broadly related...I'd like to talk about what I call Icon Horror. An example for It of Icon Horror is the red balloons, see balloons aren't scary in real life but because they're tethered mentally to something else that is scary their presence becomes scary. 

    Like, a ba…

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    I was going to do a showcase on the person who wrote No-End House but I'm doing a Let's Talk instead of a showcase because

    1) I didn't like it

    2) I couldn't find out who wrote it

    3) I had enough to say about it to override parts 1 and 2.

    So I read No-End house for the first time today, it's a story I've heard much about! Included on many Top Ten Creepypasta lists as well as having a multitude of fan made sequels and side stories and the like all focused around a haunted house that tinkers with reality and ssssuch.


    It's well written sure, the narration feels consistant and believable. If I were writing it I would have spent a lot more time in the first 3 rooms, though...moreso the second room and third room. I feel like he freaks out too qui…

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    I messed up the name of this last time lol sorry about that if you saw it.

    So I was thinking about poetry pastas and was curious about how a lot of people think most of them aren't very good (and they're probably justified by the pastas we have on the site) and I sort of realized that I think the concept of a poetry pasta is sort of fail(?)

    Like for a regular pasta you can write out a draft upload it to WWS get feedback tweak it to perfection etc but a lot of poetry is written in one draft it's kinda hard to write "Drafts" of a poem. That's not really a thing... I mean when I write poetry I might go back and...say, change that line for a better one that flows more. But I wouldn't write a draft poem, write another similar draft po…

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