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September 24, 2014
  • I live in A Sleepy Northwest Neighborhood
  • I was born on March 2
  • My occupation is Being weird and confusing
  • I am a guy as far as you know
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    Let's Talk Deletion!!!

    February 10, 2017 by EtherBot

    I think the way pastas are deleted is damaging to people's high spirits and is counter productive at creating a site of diverse horror stories.

    I always get afraid to say anything about it and I think other people do too because we all kinda associate that kind of opinion with ranty users who just joined the sight and got their first precious work of art deleted only to contest it after the fact in the form of a blog post saying "uuuuuuuh but it was preeeetty cool you guys I swear"

    But aside from that I really think the way this site handles deletion is really broken. It's weird to see things deleted for reasons like:

    "Twist is cliche and doesn't have enough story to make it effective"

    I didn't …

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    When In, Don't Doubt!

    February 10, 2017 by EtherBot

    One of my favorite quotes is "When in doubt, don't" which basically says not to make decisions if you aren't sure what's even happening or what your actions mean. I tend to say "When in, don't doubt" which basically says it's ok to act when push comes to shove because that's to way life works. These phrases mean precisely the opposite thing. As pieces of advice they both represent wildly different world views but I only ever switched the placement of two words.

    Let's talk about puns.

    The pun up above is an example of what we will call a Dad Joke-style joke. It's made up on the spot, is contrived, and requires a bit of dissection to actually get what the point of the joke is. The humor and enjoyment of a dad joke is watching the gears turn in…

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    Good evening! Bad evening! Every evening inbetwevening! Welcome to the Random Writer's Showcase, a blog series where I (technically it's not random I actually make decisions about who to pick for each one, I don't have like a spinny wheel with every creepypasta-er's name but that'd be kinda cool actually, although impractical because that's a lot of names and the wheel'd have to be HUGE in order for the print to be legible, and eventually it'd get out of date as new writers swarm onto the scene. Of course that's assuming it's a physical wheel made of like wood or something, I guess somebody could always make a program that actually does randomly select a writer for me to showcase but, hey! Not all writers are worth a showcase I think and s…

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    Introductory Post?

    January 12, 2017 by EtherBot

    No You didn't read that title wrong.

    At least, I'm pretty, mostly sure you didn't read that title wrong. Unless you did, in which case I could refresh you real fast: Introductory Post.

    ...Did you get it that time? Maybe look it up on google and see how that works out.

    So wow it's me! Anyone who's never heard of me is like "oh hey a new member" and anyone who has is probably just confused as to why I'm bothering writing an "Introductory Post" after being a semi-active member for like 2 an 1/4 years-ish idk I dont really want to do do any math.

    Well, put simply, my introductory post is terrible! (You can read it here if you have a personal vendetta against me) and I'd like a second chance. I get the impression that my personality doesn't shine t…

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    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Mazel Tov!! And a very merry New Years to you as well! (QUANZA!!!) Welcome to my fourth-ish random-esque quasi-writer's almost-showcase. Where I sort of showcase the work of creepypasta "writers" I think are either really cool, notable, or somebody asked me to do them and I don't have a spine. Feel free to suggest any writers you think are worth a showcase either on my talk page or down in the comments, by the way.

    Last time I showcased "A person on the internet says" and you can read that showcase here 


    Jay Ten joined July 27th 2014, and since then he's written six Pastas. Three of them are marked as "Slightly NSFW" and "NSFW" so for decency's sake I will be taking a look at t…

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