Greetings, I'm new to this and was wondering if it was possible to be more acquainted with fellow users on this site. I suppose I should introduce myself a bit, just to this start off. 

For starters, I came across a narrative by MrCreepyPasta on YouTube and was astounded by the stories( and of course, I was taken aback by the narrator). At that initial moment, it perked my interest, since at that time I was looking for horror gameplays. At first, I was bewildered at what I had discovered, but gradually it became something of great interest and much needed distraction. Even to this day, I still listen to them with great intrigue; which led me to this site. I have been listening to CreepyPasta narratives for about...well...a little over a year. With having this unsatiable need of horror/thrills, I thought I'd give this community a try and perhaps, make a few stories of my own. In all honesty, this is my first time writing in any kind of forum and I'm quite nervous. Well actually, I'm a composed woman at heart, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to waver a bit. Anyways, I'd really appreciate it if someone, or anyone, is kind enough to show me around this site. Perhaps, we could be more aquainted? Regardless, I'd like to be apart of this community and possibly find like people for me to share my....interests. 

Oh. Right...I forgot. I'm a woman in her 20's. I'm not going to put out my actual age or my real identity, due to the fact that I'd like to remain anonymous(just for this moment). Um...but yes, you may call me Eoriva(ee-or-ee-vah). It's a username that I use often, so I'm comfortable with it. Anyways, I look forward to knowing you all and hopefully find a few possible friends on here. :)