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  • EndlessLemon


    May 12, 2014 by EndlessLemon

    hi everyone. I've made a certain wiki, cloppypasta wiki. Cloppypasta is a wiki where one posts an extremely long fanfiction of a certain novel, movie, show... (harry potter, avengers, mlp, etc. etc. etc. )

    please contribute to the wiki. 

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  • EndlessLemon

    Reader mode

    April 27, 2014 by EndlessLemon

    okay, so ive just gotten on creepypasta and noticed something: someone to reader mode down. i found it very useful, but someone took it down for some reason and now its gone. what happened?

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  • EndlessLemon

    guys, guys, guys, I have a great idea for a great category that should totally be on creepypasta. it should be a conspiracies category. I mean, there are a lot conspiracy theories on this site, like lil wayne's secret and turn me on dead man. let's not forget JFK. And russain sleep experiment!!!! I'm telling you, there should totally be this conspiracies category. 

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  • EndlessLemon

    im new here

    April 11, 2014 by EndlessLemon

    hi im endless lemon. i just logged into crepypasta wiki, and already made two creepypastas:

    1. 911
    2. Address: 666

    can someone flesh them out to meet the wiki's quality standards? I dont want them to be deleted.. so...

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