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the eternal nightmare

people believed that dreams were figments of there imaginations, meaningless image that flashed throught the mind when one slept. this beleve was put to the test when a 

Th (1).jpg

this was the closes image

rash of sleep related incident started anfflicting peoples.some would wake up screaming, terrifide beyond consolation.some could not fall asleep,slowly going mad as the night ticked by.some symply never woke up.physicians were baflled until people happen to pass out in there dreams then die with a single beath.people who withness the trajik said they wake up.crying out once then stop breathing people were cying in there housess tired. wanted to sleep once more and thats the time the monster appeard and his name is NOCTURNE.nocturne did not take introduction to the people he began creating his oun nightmare bye saying "DAAAARRRKNESSSSS,SUFFER ETHERNALYYYY"people baggan to fright the only think that they can see is the darkness the flooded the place.and he baggan attacking bye one specialy for the people who get out of the dark.those survivors needed a plan they go to MR. CREEPY PASTA a potion to lock inside nocturne.well it work. it lock noctune inside day pass bye. but MR. CREEPY PASTA need new monters break the cage of nocturne nocturne become more strong whene he se mr. creepy pasta and noctune spread darkness untill now.


endermanEnderman fan (talk) 06:16, May 29, 2013 (UTC)

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