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  • I live in Alrest
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is breathing
  • I am obsessed with Nia
  • Endercreeper9999

    I have been on this wiki for a while, but not using this account. No, this is not an alternate account, I kept forgetting the password constantly for my old one. Anyways...

    Are gaming creepypastas banned? I have a few planned, though they aren't about haunted game files, or ghosts, or "ZOMG, BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!!!!1". One is based around an idea I got a while back (not getting into details) and the other is based off of an experience which I consider to be creepy (again, not getting into details). After reading all the rules and blacklisted subjects, I am still pretty confused. So, are gaming pastas banned altogether? Or just haunted game files/.exes?

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