Cue the fanfare! (Sadly, I do not know how to add gifs of fireworks, snippets of celebratory music, or gifs of sarcastic-looking people clapping.)

The marked for review category which when I started working on it about a month ago that was up to 400 and growing larger by the day, has now been reduced to just under one hundred.

Congratulations are in order for those who helped with the process of bringing the number down to something more manageable!

Also on a side (And totally not in any sense of self-promotion at all) note: I am going to be submitting my novella this week. Probably Friday and am concerned about the title. I want the title to be released under a grammatically incorrect title and misspelled title (That will be self-evident later in the story.) Just thought I'd put that out there so it doesn't get thrown into the M4R category which you've all worked so hard on sorting out.