Hey all, since our dear friend Ruckus is bit indisposed this week, he asked me to kick off this contest in his stead. The purpose of this contest is to see how many creative folks are out there when it comes to creating a logo (that is displayed in the upper left corner of the page.) for the site. Of all the entries, a lucky three will be chosen to have their design featured on the site for one month each.

I'll let Ruckus detail the rules in his own words:

Rule 1: Custom-designed (the ones that are hand-made) are strongly recommended here. However, if you're going to submit a logo created with a pre-made font, I strongly recommend to heavily cosmetically modify it (like the ones I do. We want variation!). Well, you can just type it, then submit, but the odds of your submission winning are lower than those of modified. No copied logo are allowed! If you just asked someone to do the logo for you, then let your conscience eat you. IT'S CHEATING!!! We will still accept that, but if it's proven, you're instantly disqualified.

Rule 2: No boasting, threatening, or cursing are allowed. The sentences like: "I'm gonna win. Yours is ugly as heck, and it will not win against me," or, "Mine is beautiful as fuck, and yours is ugly," or something like, "You will lose, that's fo' sure!" and the likes are not allowed. If ever found doing so, the user will be warned, and after the second offense, will be disqualified.

Rule 3: Submit quality work! If you're going to submit a work that looks like crap, then it will be not accepted.

Rule 4: No trolling! PERIOD.

So how do you enter?

You simply upload your logo to the site (once you've designed it) and post it in the comments below. Each should post their own comment (don't reply in other posts and put your own as it might muddy the waters should people begin talking about designs.) and it should be this size: 250x65px Making it ridiculously large will result in me scaling it down to a ridiculously small size.

Here are some previous designs if you are wondering what a wordmark looks like.

How will we decide:

Once we have a sufficient number of entries, we will set up a poll and the three with the most votes will be selected to be featured on the site.

Feel free to bring up things I may have missed in the comments below so we can clarify it before we kick off the contest. Best of luck everyone!