<rant> As some of you have noticed, a user has tried to unfairly petition their story into PotM. Here's our response:

He has been banned for a month.

His story has been deleted.

Frankly at this point, I could give a fart in a windstorm if he returns after his ban runs out after reading this quote in the thread: "Pretty much everything else in that poll is shit." It seems odd that he would speak so disparagingly of other stories while being so insecure that he didn't think his story was good enough to win on its own merits. </rant>

People wonder why PotM has become a joke and popularity contest, it is because things like this happen. I mean seriously, this asshole won and I'm pretty sure he isn't even literate. Jokes aside, this is disappointing. It makes me sad that I have to write this next part.

I never thought I'd have to sit down and say this because it is common sense. Do not try to sock nominate your pasta, do not try to involve outside sources to win regardless of quality. What does winning accomplish for you if cheated to get it done? It is pyrrhic. It is hollow. It gets you nothing. It means nothing.

We are not going to tolerate this. We're going to be more vigilant and may have to even enforce stricter rules on PotM as some people feel like it's okay if they try to play dirty. We have reset the polls as a lot of users lost their votes trying to bump that story off of the top, which in itself is wrong. You should be voting for a story because you believe it is excellent. You should vote for a story because you can't stand the fact that that author isn't getting the recognition they deserve. You should not vote for a story because it is in the lead. Break conformity, think for yourself.

I am sorry if resetting the poll inconveniences any of you or if any of this seems like this is being written by someone whose angry, but I hope you understand.