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Hey, my name is Travis (EmpyrealInvective) and I've been posting some of my stories for about a week now. It's been pretty frantic trying to bring some of my stories up to snuff so I've decided to take a little break from writing and post a little info about myself. I'm a fan of scary stories/movies/videya games and enjoy writing. I'm currently in job hunting mode and looking for work, but I don't have any stable income source at the moment.

I worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nicaragua in the agricultural sector. I was down in CentroAmerica for two and a half years. I can speak Spanish (Sometimes without making myself look like a complete ass.) and sometimes inject a few spanish phrases and idioms into my stories. My PC work was an cool experience, but I don't really have the time to type it all out. (If you have interest, maybe drop me a PM or comment.)

I'm taking a day break to gather my thoughts on my stories. I am currently juggling a few stories on topics such as: grave digging, space exploration, parasites, and even a few older Nicaraguan myths that I picked up along the way. Truth be told, some of these stories are turning out shitty and need to be drastically revamped.

I've decided to post a couple of my shorter stories while applying for jobs as a means of killing time, but in the meantime; I just thought I'd drop a line and get a proper introduction out there.

Saludos a todos,


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