God help us all. I have just submitted my 49th (It took me a while to count it all up as I don't have that many fingers and toes) spooky scary story here earlier today. Commence the whoring of my story: Stares (horror-ing??? Feel free to self-promote in the comments as well!) This means I am one away from reaching fifty, which was a stupid personal goal of mine when I first started out on this wiki.

This is quite a momentous occasion (probably only for me as everyone else is tired of slogging through my stories.) and I decided to do something interesting and let you vote on what one I should focus on next. Please note I will start in on the others after finishing the winner. Here are the possibilities:

1. An apocalyptic story based off of the real life Klebsiella planticola that would have basically salted the earth with alcohol (Drunk-tank)

2. My first attempt at body horror involving a shut-in and her legion of pets. (Chimera)

3. An extra installment of the novella A Good Ending (While it technically won't count as my 50th story, it will probably mark the end of that novella.)

Candidates for my 50th

The poll was created at 20:59 on February 27, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

On a final note, thanks are in order. I wouldn't have reached this (frankly absurd) number of stories without your help, support, criticisms and recommendations. I originally started out on but found the waiting periods for submission and the difficulties with making amendments to be a bit of a bother, so I moved here and I think that was the best decision I have ever made in terms of improving my (frankly shoddy) writing skills. Thank you all. I hope you enjoyed my stories as much I have enjoyed reading yours. *Sniffle* You guys are great.

Edit: voting ends this Sunday.
Second edit: We unfortunately have proof that there is no God.. My story has triumphed over excellent stories like: Journal Entries, Pasta Noir: Dames, Slugs and the Hatchetman, The Abalone Thief, Tobit: The Bleeding Sky. Thank you for all your support, please continue to support high quality pastas like this and I hope you continue to read my upcoming stories (as detrimental to your health as they may be...)
Final edit: Thanks for the votes. Chimerical is now up.