I'm looking for assistance.

So some of you may know that I've been in the process of e-publishing A Good Ending with a number of new chapters, an intro, and some re-worked content on Kindle for a while now. I started earnestly re-writing/revising my novella in early June and I ended up partnering with an artist to help me design some cover art for the book, but unfortunately plans with them have fallen through due to their schedule. This leaves me in a bit of an awkward position with an awkward proposal for all of you artsy types.

I'm looking for someone to help me design cover art to set aside my book from others which will be using stock images and self-designed covers. As this is going online and will be sold on a reputable site, I am kinda looking for something that reflects the work put into the story.

Why Should I Contribute an Image/Consider Helping?

Besides the feeling of doing a job well done and my respect (which has no monetary value and cannot be bartered with), I will be citing you as the illustrator on the book itself which may draw (puns!) some attention to your artistic qualities. Additionally you will be compensated for your work so you can also put that on your CV/resume (designed cover art for a digital novel). That being said, I am poor (in every sense of the word: intellectually, financially, spiritually, etc.) so it likely will be a negligible sum that will probably be paid through Paypal and be around 10-25 bucks depending on negotiations.

Any Restrictions on the Project?

I am looking for the illustration to either depict a scene (that is SFW) from the story, depict a character/s, or be a title card with stylized information (Title, author's name, possible tagline) that meshes well with the story's themes. I am looking for creativity and skill (to balance out my lack of those qualities) for this project.

Here is a link on their requirements and restrictions for cover art. Feel free to comment below if you're interested and if we have multiple parties involved, we can decide where to go from there. I look forward to working with you and seeing what you guys come up with.

Empy/Travis Kuhlman