It seems like this has been coming for a long time not, but it's finally done. I have spent so much time with this story; late nights staring at a screen and proof-reading it. Hours spent writing a single paragraph and reading it aloud, only to erase it and re-write it until I was certain that it was the best it could be. To be honest, it’s maddening. Days spent on a few paragraphs to make them as best as they could be. It took a long time of editing and formatting (and then re-formatting, if anyone is interested in e-publishing, feel free to drop me a line), but finally A Good Ending is up on Kindle and ready for purchase.

To be perfectly honest, I spent so much time deciding on a price that it’s almost lunacy in itself. I batted the idea of charging full price (4.99) for my work, but I realized that at the end of everything, I still want people to read this. So I’m charging 1 $ for Ryene E Motarjeme's and my hard work. Your dollar will earn you an introduction to the story, an excellent title crafted by Ryene E Motarjeme (that should be worth a dollar in itself), thirty pages of new content (two new stories and a heavily revised novel), and a more cohesive story.

"A Good Ending" has become so much more than I could have ever hoped. It is beyond my skills and my abilities. Not only that, but I’ve used this story for more than I could have ever hoped. I’ve used this story to support artists and I’ve used the story to improve my talents. Thank you to everyone who gave me advice on the story or helped me along with this project.