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October 28, 2013
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  • EmpyrealInvective

    It seems like this has been coming for a long time not, but it's finally done. I have spent so much time with this story; late nights staring at a screen and proof-reading it. Hours spent writing a single paragraph and reading it aloud, only to erase it and re-write it until I was certain that it was the best it could be. To be honest, it’s maddening. Days spent on a few paragraphs to make them as best as they could be. It took a long time of editing and formatting (and then re-formatting, if anyone is interested in e-publishing, feel free to drop me a line), but finally A Good Ending is up on Kindle and ready for purchase.

    To be perfectly honest, I spent so much time deciding on a price that it’s almost lunacy in itself. I batted the idea …

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  • EmpyrealInvective

    Welcome to my annual Halloween Horr-tacular (not to be confused with the other similarly named extravaganza focusing on my street-walking ways). This is a month long event throughout all of October where I watch a horror movie a day and review it/make fun of it/weep silent tears of self-loathing as I watch Uwe Boll's House of the Dead for the fifth time in my life. I've done this before in 2014 and 2015 so view those if you're looking for an idea of what this is about. I'm posting this a week before everything starts in case someone wants to drop some movie suggestions for me. Here's how I'm going to be handling it this year:

    Meh Mondays: You read that right, Mondays will be devoted to watching terrible movies from any decade or culture (beca…

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  • EmpyrealInvective

    So some of you may know that I've been in the process of e-publishing A Good Ending with a number of new chapters, an intro, and some re-worked content on Kindle for a while now. I started earnestly re-writing/revising my novella in early June and I ended up partnering with an artist to help me design some cover art for the book, but unfortunately plans with them have fallen through due to their schedule. This leaves me in a bit of an awkward position with an awkward proposal for all of you artsy types.

    I'm looking for someone to help me design cover art to set aside my book from others which will be using stock images and self-designed covers. As this is going online and will be sold on a reputable site, I am kinda looking for something th…

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  • EmpyrealInvective

    "Este es el fin, pero es un comienzo en un sentido."

    Welp, if you aren’t a fan of translating everything to satisfy your curiosity, let me clarify it for you; 'this is the end...' For a few people, this’ll be a reason to dance around a fire, laud your decision to not put in the bare minimum amount of work (or correct basic mechanical issues that've been pointed out), or possibly barbecue some pork. For others (a small few), this may come as a bit of a disappointment, but in all honesty, my stepping down as an admin isn’t a bad thing. This is the natural progression of things. Things begin and things end.

    Some of you may have known this was coming while others may not be aware, but I’ve been applying to multiple Veterinary medicine universiti…

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  • EmpyrealInvective

    Frankly, I didn’t expect to have to make a how-to guide on editing when think of topics to cover in my "So You Want to _____" series, but due to a recent influx of edits that are bordering on pointsgaming, we really have no choice here. This guide will be a basic walkthrough of do’s and don’t's in editing, it’ll give a few examples of common errors to look out for, and it’ll list a few examples that are grounds for a ban from editing (mainly bad faith edits and vandalism).

    Before we begin though, I would like to say this. We need editors on the wiki as there are a number of stories that could use corrections. This isn’t meant to discourage editors or give people a reason not to make edits, this is to provide them with a frame for how to pro…

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