aka Grace or arwen its my middle name

  • I live in Helena valley
  • I was born on May 29
  • My occupation is School :(
  • I am Female MUDDA hugga
  • Emotionless2000

    Ok hi, someone suggested that my house is haunted but I don't know like it might possibly be my sisters, and I heard someone or something outside my window 0-0 it might just be my imagination or it might be real I'm not so sure I was half asleep but still well yeah.

    Emotionless2000 signing off

    P.s sorry I don't post ghost videos mainly cuz I don't see them if it was ghosts

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  • Emotionless2000

    Well hello I'm grace and every single freaking night I hear footsteps even though I moved house like my parents don't wake up unless their going to the toilet (Dunny if ur Aussie like me) and they go to sleep at around 9:00 so they shouldn't be awake so um yeah I'm sorta creeped out

    Emotionless2000 signing off stay fab

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