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Which is Creepier?

Emipp November 28, 2013 User blog:Emipp

Which is creepier?

1. Battery people being used for manual labour and blood supply in your neighbors basement... or... A giant, empty doll house with nothing but a rabid dog's head surrounded by candles in the middle of the house.

(Put "1." in front of your answer and then type which is creepier after the 1).

2. Mice heads being used as decoration's on a Christmas tree and the star is a dead cat twitching because it's filled with maggots... or... waking up and sticking your hand into your Christmas stocking only to find that it's filled with the guts of your neighbour's dog?

(Do exactly the same as what it says for question 1 but change the number 1 to "2.").

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