I'm sure other writers have felt it plenty of times before: The feeling of no motivation, no drive to complete the work you've started. You're held back by second thoughts, paranoia, predictions of work that will fail.

It's not writer's block. I have ideas, and I continue to make at least some progress each day. My problem is that, at the moment, my desire to succeed in creepypasta is rather low. Ever since writing 11 Miles (what I believe to be my best pasta so far), I've yet to craft a work that I feel matches it. I'm writing/editing about four stories right now, yet I seem to keep moving back on each. This is because I'm trying to make them more "pasta-like", as opposed to simply writing a story and posting it because it MAY pass as creepypasta. I feel like there are a number factors in pastas that make it what it is, that there's a special feel in it, which separates it form just a horror story that happened to be posted on the internet.

Regardless, I plan to finish my current stories in progress (hopefully soon), and post them when I feel they're at their best. I want to create valuable, rewarding contributions that take time to make, unlike a posted first-draft, which is what I (unfortunately) did a few times in the past.

I will continue to work, and attempt to ignore my lingering state of discouragement.