After reading for even a few days, one can find that creepypastas certainly differ in terms of their lengths.I typically classify stories into six categories (when it comes to size):

1. Micro-sized (Bad Dream, Cabinets, Genetic Memory)

2. Small length (Grocery List, White with Red, The Girl in the Photograph)

3. Decent/average length (The Theater, The River Country Film, Enjoy Your Stay)

4. Longer (The Russian Sleep Experiment, Whimsywood, The Creeping Mange)

5. Lengthy (Abandoned by Disney, The Christmas Tree, The Devil Game)

6. Very Long/Blog post/Series (Penpal, NES Godzilla Creepypasta, Happy Appy, The Puppetmaster's Regime - The Revival)

The longest I've ever read has certainly been NES Godzilla, but that's just me. I'm not saying that length is what defines a good pasta, or what classifies the dedication of a reader.

I personally tend to enjoy the longer stories more, as they give more of an experience to me. They typically give the feeling of a journey, leading through a series of horrific, unusual, or unexplainable events. However, I'm sometimes fascinated at how much of an impact a small, micro-size story can have. I read Cabinets a long time ago, when I first began reading creepypastas, and it frightened me because of how I could relate to it. Genetic Memory is another example of this sort of effect.

How about you guys? Do you enjoy the longer or shorter stories more? (Again, the length of stories read does not indicate laziness of a reader. Everyone has a preference. The title of this post is just there because of the topic.)