I suppose I decided to write this before I go into another long absence from this site (which could very well turn out to be permanent). I thought about simply changing my profile page, but I figured it would be better to keep that more static.

More than three years ago, I discovered a form of internet fiction that would start me actively reading, jumpstart an interest in horror, and would eventually inspire me to start writing content of my own. This was, of course, creepypasta, and at that time, any story nearly would be enough to send me into a sleepless, sweat-filled night. My friend and I would take the day to exchange stories and experiences, and I had a blast every time. This site was always the go-to destination.

As the years progressed, my activity on the site was sporadic, but my interest in creepypasta remained constant. My curiosity was always on a high when I pressed the "random page" button, and was brought to a story that could either leave me feeling indifferent, inspired, disturbed, or a dozen other, unpredictable outcomes. As I wrote stories of my own, I received many comments from both this site and others that made me think much upon my writing, and I am very thankful for this. I hope the community remains as helpful to writers as they were for me.

After these years of reading and writing, I can certainly see a change in my writing style and interests. I still enjoy reading such stories, but I believe my interest and drive for writing them has transitioned elsewhere. It's nothing negative, really, but just the fact that my direction has begun to look to different areas, and I'm sure it will continue to change as my passion continues.

I'm sure I'll be back here and there to read, as I have for years, but I think I've made my last posts as far as stories and blog posts go. First off, I thank the many great writers of the community (EmperyrialInvective, Slimebeast, Fear_Of, BanningK, to name a few). I also wish to thank all of the great, hardworking admins of the wiki. I understand that the positions have changed over the years, as it will continue to, but I thank those who have contributed to building to what it is now. I'm sure it will continue to develop for the better. Some of my specific thanks go to: Cleric, LOLSkeletons, EmperyialInvective, ImGonnaBeThatGuy, and SloshedTrain. You guys are all hugely productive, helpful, and damn well know how to put up with shit.

Thanks to the readers, the admins, the editors, and all those who've generally kicked ass.