Just finished a new story, *Restless Hands. I'm actually quite satisfied with this one, as it uses an idea that I find to be quite a disturbing thought. I'm one who usually has a need to move my fingers around, so it's an interesting perspective when that need is taken to an extreme.

I also edited another one of my recent stories *The House Job. There were many typos that didn't seem to properly edit when I had first attempted to change them. Switching back to the old editor has appeared to fix this problem well, so I'm sure editing will be smoother from this point on. Yet, everything would also be smoother if I were to stop using this cursed Ipad, though it's my only typing resource at the moment.

So there's some of my recent news, to anybody who may follow my works. If there are individuals who read my work, thank you, whether you like my pastas or not.