Goddamn, I need to get active again. It's been a month or so since I've read a few stories on here, let alone add one of my own. I'm close to finishing one, so that detail should soon change.

It's great to still see some great stories and writers, though. I've recently discovered some active writers/editors who have some great material (Banningk1979 and CrashingCymbal, to name a few). The writer's lounge interviews have been very enjoyable, and have given me some valuable insights into how I think on my work. I've been focused on much of my early college work since the summer ended (I am a first-year student), so I'll hopefully be able to apply what I've learned from there as well.

My question of the day is this: What is it that inspires, motivates, or encourages you? This could be for writing, but inspiration goes for any art, of course.

Good day to all.