So the very first pasta I posted, The Holder Of Luck, was deleted rather recently.

Before one thinks that I've made this post to complain, let me just say that I don't mind that it happened. Since it was my first pasta, it was rather low quality, and my writing style has certainly changed since the time it was posted.

I'm guessing it was deleted because it was simply a holder spin-off, which is understanding. The fact is that I posted it well before the no spin-off rule came into effect, and the announcement regarding the rule states that existing spin-offs were still allowed on the site.

Just something I thought I would mention. Perhaps there was a recent sweep of certain spin-offs that I didn't know about, and it was supposed to be deleted.

On the subject of deletions, I come up with a sort of game that can be used to get at least some entertainment out of awful pastas: When a pasta is posted that's sure to get deleted, see if you can make a comment before it's shot down and wiped from the site. It's not something I intend to actively do, as it's not the point of the site. Still, plenty of pasta's are deleted off the site everyday, and most immediately, so it's just a simple challenge of sorts.

This concludes a rather boredom-driven blog post.