Hello, people of the wiki. For a long time, I wasn't the most avid reader. Ever since going into writing seriously (about a year and a half ago), however, I've greatly gathered a love and interest for it. I've realized it's essential for anyone who wishes to write, and because of this, I've been aiming to consume books like mad.

For next year, I've decided to set the goal of reading at least one hundred books, of any genres and styles. I've built a list of about a third of what I wish to read, but I'm always looking for more recommendations. I thought, why not gather some suggestions from a place of writers (and better yet, horror writers)?

What are books that you, reader, would recommend to me? I first started reading horror short stories, but I've expanded my interest of genre's to where I'm open to just about anything. So far, I've most enjoyed transgressive fiction, science fiction, and other forms of weird literature.

But again, I'm open to anything.

Thanks for any inputs!