This post will talk about something that's more of a personal peeve. Still, I think it's at least a decent area of discussion.

It's safe to say that many pasta writers here are rather new to writing (myself included). For that reason, many mistakes will be made. Virtually no story's perfect, and there's bound to be different opinions of what works and what drags the pasta down. For that reason, the comments are a valuable source to reflect, comment, and even rate the work after it's read. Everyone already know this, I'm sure.

However, from what I can gather, the ratings people are giving are quite useless. I'll give short examples of what the comments will often feature:

"Loved the story! 9/10!"

"I liked it, but it was okay... 7/10".

"AMAZING. 10/10"

"7.6/10. It was good but not really that scary."

All of these (in an improvement perspective) are virtually useless to the writer. They all give a rating, but none give insights as to how that rating was decided. The writer has no idea if the ten really means anything, what's affecting the story if it's lowered to a seven, etc. Even if the reader enjoys the pasta so much to where it's a nine (or 9.5, as I've seen) out of ten, what's the little portion that's withholding it from a ten?

Writing is far too intricate and complicated of a practice to be summed up with just a number. There are many writers on the site that would surely be influenced by meaningful and well-thought ratings and reviews of stories, but providing a number without reason behind it leaves this in the dark.

I understand that not everyone's a particularly active writer or reader, and that some might not wish to make detailed feedback comments on stories. If all you wish to say is "Hey, nice work! I really enjoyed this", then by all means say so. The writer will still appreciate positive comments, I'm sure. However, if you've thought about it enough to place a rating (whether it be a 6/10, 9/10, 3.6/5.2, etc.), then it's appropriate to at least somewhat back it up.

Otherwise, the number is, well, just a number.