Hello everyone,

I've come back from the dead to give an answer to a semi-common question I get, and I thought a blog post connected to my page would be the best place. Over the past few months, I've received messages from people asking if they can create a spin-off of 11 Miles, a story I wrote years ago. I've gotten a one or two of these questions in the past years, but they have become slightly more common. Perhaps this is because of the clickbait "11 MILES 3AM CHALLENGE" videos that seem to keep popping up. I used to just receive them on my message page here, but I've gotten more on my Facebook messages and some in my old email (don't know how people found that one).

Since I'm not really active here anymore and don't check that email much, I'll answer it here now: Anyone is free to write a spin-off story of 11 Miles. Of course, the (hopefully) common sense rules of integrity and fair use still apply. Using the original story and adding a few lines would be a good example of what not to do. But building off another idea is, in most cases, just fine.

The same goes for if you want to try and make a game or film adaptation of the story, which I've also received a few questions about. Adaptations are in themselves a changing work, so there's no worries there. You wouldn't even need to ask me for permission for this (although I do appreciate that people have).

It's good to see this community is still active. Thanks to all the admins who keep it going.