Let's begin by saying that every Friday, I go to a youth group. We play games and have photo rallies and everything is all a lot of fun, but Halloween this year falls on a Friday. I'm not sure if we'll be trick-or-treating or even getting into costume, which makes me horribly terrified. I think I'll have to choose between Youth or Halloween. Please everybody, help me choose. I'm leaning towards Halloween, but I don't know.

On a less tragic note, what are all doing for Halloween? I'm planning on being Eyeless Jack, if I do end up trick-or-treating. It'll be the simplest costume I've ever done. In the comments, how about you all leave what you'll be, and if you don't celebrate Halloween, why? It's fun as heck! Also, what do you do instead on Halloween night?

That's all really. Please comment, I'm curious to get some insight on your lives (as stalker-ish as that may sound) and I'll see you all next blog post and/or on the forums!