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Frustration and Fangirling

Ellixin October 10, 2014 User blog:Ellixin

-5 days-

Beginning with the frustration mentioned in the title, I had the idea for that pasta the other day. P.S, thank you to the people who gave the advice on my previous blog!And I apologise for forgetting your usernames already. Continuing on... Halfway through writing, I went on the live chat tab I had up and, upon seeing little activity, went back to my pasta page in under ten seconds. My work was gone. I begrudgingly tried again, but it wasn't nearly as good since I was now forcing myself to try and recite the plot that I had already laid out. In frustration and annoyance at the music that was playing, I left safari (I use an iPad) to change the music playing on iTunes Radio. Upon returning to safari a few seconds later, I was faced with no words. I had made the same mistake.

Let's just say I was really annoyed and almost broke the caps rule whilst venting on chat. On another note, look at how dedicated I am to this daily blog! It may be random, but I'm doing it.

As for the fangirl part of the title, don't worry, I got all of my fangirling out on the GeeKing app. However, I would like to invite any fellow Skulduggery Pleasant readers to converse with me in private messaging about the books. I met the author, Derek Landy, today. I asked him, as he signed my SP poster, if he reads the SP fan-fiction. He said not regularly, but he did read fifteen of them on one eventful Christmas and while most were well-written, some were just plain weird. I couldn't agree more, as with most fan-fictions. It's a bit embarrassing when the person directly connected to the works read the work, because fan-fic has a tendency to be innappropriate or just something we don't want the author / subject of 'book' to read.

Anyway, Derek was a very kind guy and as hilarious as ever, as well as very loving to his fans (he hit a raffle winner with a pen and threw a bouncy ball at another). I had a wonderful day.

See you all again tomorrow! And if you all desperately need some sort of question to answer, have you ever met a 'famous' person? If so, who? Bye!

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