First of all, I've realised this ultimately random blog is becoming a daily thing. Let's see how long that lasts with my regular tendencies to slack off.

Next of all, I have a problem that no one can really do anything about. This Wiki Theme Contest is frustrating me. I made the first bar just a random bunch of notes that sound...interesting, to say the least. In a bad way. Also, I'm thinking about giving up with all of this tough competition by my side. I'm just using Notion and there are people playing real instruments, or people with an actual job to produce and compose working to win. I'm just a high school student with a passion for singing who can't even read music, muted by people who have studied music at universities and colleges around the world. I feel like I might not end up entering.

My next problem, I'm hungry. I'm just kidding, I always have that problem. I've yet to eat dinner. My actual next problem is that I'm being ignored. I feel like Morgan when Chuck first pretends to date Sarah, if you've ever watched the TV series 'Chuck'. Actually, Chuck is like a direct representation of my life, minus a certain friend being a secret spy. That certain friend has, however, gotten a girlfriend and is neglecting me. I feel lost. I feel forgotten. I feel outcast.

Sorry about complaining about my personal life there I'll try not to make these blogs my diary. Anyway, the last problem that I'll load onto you is that I want to make an actual creepypasta (the admin trollpasta doesn't count) but I'm massively lacking inspiration. I've read the 'How To Write A Creepypasta' post that appears on the home page, I've read other creepypastas, I've talked on the talk page to others who have made creepypasta, but nothing that I write really seems to send a chill up my spine. Wish me luck with my future writing, I'll need it.

That's all, hopefully I won't be so random and/or personal next time. -EX